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History: The Southwest Flying club, Inc. is the oldest flying club in Houston, organized in 1963 by Maybelle Fletcher, Fletcher Aviation.  It is now based at David Wayne Hooks airport (DWH) in Tomball, TX. 


$150/hr. wet
No daily minimum

$200/hr. wet
No daily minimum

$200/hr. wet
No daily minimum
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Cost to join Club: $3,500 membership deposit, due upon joining; refundable upon resignation. Thirty day notice of resignation required. Deposit may be made in two payments.   

Monthly Dues: $170 

Membership: The Club is limited to 50 members.  There is typically a waiting list, and it may take a few months to be able to join.  If you are interested in getting on the list, fill out an application and email or mail it to the Membership Officer at the email address on the bottom of the application.

Base of Operations: David Wayne Hooks Airport - Tomball, Texas. 

Club Requirements: Each new member must be flight checked by a CFI approved by the Club Safety Officer. An annual check ride is required.  Detailed Operating Rules and Club By-Laws are available here.

Scheduling:  Each member may annually schedule each plane for a two-week (or two one-week) cross-country flight. Additional full weekend use is available if reserved no sooner than Thursday prior to the desired weekend. 

We use an on-line scheduling system (MyFBO.com).  If you are a SWFC member, click here to schedule. 

Meetings: The Club membership meets the third Saturday of each month and members are strongly encouraged to attend. 

Maintenance: The Club is very safety conscious and sponsors safety programs. Each plane receives 100-hr. checks and oil is changed each 50 hours. 

Insurance: The Club maintains casualty and liability insurance on members and airplanes. 

Flight Training: The Club is NOT primarily a flight school.  Our primary purpose is to provide economical and safe aircraft to licensed pilots.  We do have part-time instructors in the club who give instruction primarily for currency and advanced ratings.  Training is arranged with the individual instructors.  Persons looking for substantial training in our area are advised to contact a true flight school, such as Texas Flight or United Flight Systems

For information about becoming a member, contact:

Membership Officer



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